First visit to our office

When you visit our office you will be greeted by our receptionists Cheri or Melinda. Please arrive 10 minutes early because we will kindly ask you to fill out a form with your information: address, phone number, e-mail address, insurance information, in case you have insurance. Also we you will be asked to fill out medical and dental history questionnaires.
You can fill out these forms in advance by downloading from the links below:

New Patient Forms:
Medical Questionnaire
Patient Consent Form

A review of medical history will be done. It is very important to inform Dr. Gruesc about any medical conditions and all medication you are taking.

Being informed about your health status and types of medication you are taking is of great importance in customizing your dental care. A review of your dental history will be done next. If you are in pain, you have any emergency please let us know about it at this point, to address the emergency first.

If you had any bad experiences or you are nervous about dental treatment please discuss them with our dentist. We will make everything to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

If there is no emergency a complete exam will be done. A thorough exam of head, neck and oral cavity will be done. An oral cancer screening will also be done at this point under regular light and also under blue light using the Sapphire Plus LD cancer detection device.

We will be examining your teeth and gums. We will record missing teeth, decay, all previous dental work, position of the teeth, spaces present, alignment of the teeth, if there are any signs of wear from grinding.

Health of the gums will be checked and inflammation, deposits, recessions will be recorded.

X-rays will be taken, usually a Panoramic x-ray using our digital Owandy Imax touch panoramic machine and 4 extra x-rays with our digital Sirona sensors to check for any decay and pathology. Digital x-rays subject patient to very little radiation.

Extra-oral and intra-oral pictures will be taken.

Findings from exam and x-rays will be evaluated and you will be presented with a status of oral health, present problems and treatment plan to address present conditions.