Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and tissue.

There are 2 types of dentures:

  • Partial dentures
Partial dentures are a treatment option instead of a bridge when nearby teeth are not strong enough to be abutments for a fixed bridge, or when more than just a few teeth are missing and when available funds are an issue- dentures are less expensive than bridges or implants.
  • Complete dentures

Complete dentures are what we most often refer to as false teeth. They are also called "full dentures" and are used when all natural teeth are missing. Complete dentures are removable as they are held in place by suction.

Both types of dentures can be fabricated as immediate dentures or as conventional dentures.

Immediate dentures are made before the teeth are extracted. An impression is taken and the denture is fabricated. The denture is inserted in the same appointment when the teeth are removed. The big benefit of immediate dentures is that the patient is not left without teeth during the healing period, which can take up to 6 months. During the healing period, the bones and gums can shrink and the denture will need to be relined.

Conventional dentures are made and inserted into the mouth after the healing period, following extractions when gums and bones are healed.

If the complete dentures are not having retention(they are moving in the mouth, eating is difficult) there is the option of overdenture. An overdenture is a removable denture retained by attachments that are secured to retained teeth or implants covered by the denture.

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